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Currently on view:

LABOR OF LOVE at 321 Gallery April 9 - May 21 2016
Onion by the Ocean at Underdonk, May 14 - June 26



Closing Event for Labor of Love at 321 Gallery:
Textile Pop Up Shop by Marley and Jordan Freeman
Saturday, May 21st, 4 - 8 PM

A couple years ago a friend showed me a piece of cloth she had made in a class about the painted warp weaving technique. I was struck by how the painted image (applied to the warp) was diffused by the weft threads woven into it. The dialectical combination of warp and weft softened and destabilized the image. It was a beautiful kind of facture I had never seen before.

In her essay “Pictures Made of Wool: the Gender of Labor at the Bauhaus Weaving Workshop,” T’ai Smith compares the status of pictorial weaving to that of painting, examining the reasons for weaving’s “linguistic absence” and inferior status in modernist discourse:

“Weaving practice is on the one hand “feminine’ — unable to sublate the body and its labor into the transcendental realm of painting, and on the other hand “feminized” — kept untheorized, without discursive parameters. My purpose has been to give a theory of weaving so that it can be assessed on its own terms. For though grounded in process and labor, weaving has other possibilities within the limits of its craft. Contrasting material features, such as silky vs rough, or shiny vs matte, as well as contrasting weaves, show that the formal design is not merely imposed onto the material, but itself transformed by the different weaves and yarns harnessed in the process. The pictorial form, the materials, and the fabric’s structure are mutually entwined. The limitations of weaving, in other words, are not inadequacies. Rather, they help us understand weaving as a medium, which, like other disciplines, generates its own ideas."

Marley Freeman is a painter with a deep appreciation for textiles. Her brother, Jordan, is a filmmaker. On the closing night of my exhibition of paintings and tapestry, the two will present a pop up show drawn from their family’s vast collection of vintage pieces handpicked by their father at flea markets across Europe. These objects exhibit the splendors of the so called “limitations” of weaving. They will be for sale. Feel free to touch them.


Upcoming, Summer 2016: The Range

Selected works exhibited 2014 - 16

SYNTAGMA at The New School Skybridge Art Space, Eugene Lang College. April 12 - May 10 2016

P.Y.T. in Large Glass curated by Jennifer Sullivan at Spring / Break Art Show. With Jared Buckhiester, Jake Borndal, Tom Butter, Robin Cameron, Mira Dancy, Jacques Louis Vidal, Maria Walker, and Max Warsh.

Some Residues of a Midsummer Night's Swipe.
Glycerin, rose oil, olive fragrance oil, "Arabian Night" fragrance oil, neem oil, "Love Roses" (2), Egyptian Licorice Yogi Tea, hair and NYC condom from "P.Y.T.", cosmetic pigment, French lentils 11 x 15

Costumes for I Lost Something in the Hills or a Painting of Blue Roses by Amanda Friedman. Starring Kayla Guthrie, Terry Hempfling, Alison Kizu-Blair, Shaun Krupa; set and props by Phillip Birch, Ariel Dill, Amanda Friedman, Anne Libby, Ryan Lucero, Annabeth Marks, Sophy Naess, Scott Roben, Christian Sampson, Gretchen Scherer, Sophie Stone, Daniel Sullivan, Alina Tenser, and Jeffrey Tranchell.

image credit Kyle Knodell

image credit Jenna Westra
Sikås Summer Symposium
Sikås Art Center

Aaron Carter and Johan Björk

Parrhesia soap of bold, free speech
Edition published by Slow Editions and also available through Art Metropole
Joint business card with Raque Ford
in Business as Usual at Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Leeds
Cherbubino's soap
performed by Raul de Nieves in The Harmers by Marianna Ellenberg and David Louis Zuckerman
Twilight of the Family Jewels
commissioned for ♂ Anti-Fertility Garden by Mary Walling Blackburn, Sala Diaz, San Antonio, TX
Artists for Artists
Foundation for Contemporary Arts 51st Annual Benefit Exhibition
Matthew Marks Gallery

Max Pitegoff on the beach in clay mask after wedding Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Block Island, June 29 2014
The Shandaken Project 3 Year Anniversary Exhibition
Me and My Egg Roll in SISRAHTAC at Torrance Shipman
About Like So: The Influence of Painting
Franklin St. Works
Archer Hotel
Zero Point at Jackie Klempay Gallery
The View from The Window
curated by Lumi Tan
with Sara Maggenheimer & Ryan Mrozowski
Chapter NY
Speaking Through Paint: Hans Hofmann's legacy today at Lori Bookstein
Material Memory at Gallery Aferro