The Floating World
Oil on canvas, 25 x 9 feet
Rutgers MFA Thesis, 2013
images by request


Dear Emma!

I would love to tell you all about the painting and performance!

I wish you could have been there, I was accompanied by an assistant with a laser pointer guiding through the many scenes as I read a text culled from my own journals and quoting others. It took about 15 minutes and explored what the subjects were seen doing, how I had met them and what impressions they had made on me, what questions their activities brought up... I quoted some of your questions from Scarcity among many other things. (And when I did the live reading I stopped to tell everyone to see that video and that there was no way I could do justice to your beautiful voice!) I attach my script here if you want to read it, although I知 not sure it makes sense without the animation of the painted backdrop and my gestures and ad-libbed comments and explanations. It is a very fragmentary text, in keeping with the form of the painting. There were other live readings that day which also brought a different framework than you値l be able to detect here.

-- anyway hope you enjoy. I知 really trying to work out my love for having a relatively academic, materially involved painting practice, with a desire to have a more socially engaged way of working with people. And there are all the uncomfortable questions about money and where it comes from.

I am sort of taking a short break from painting right now to read some Marx finally and Bourdieu, but I am certainly determined to keep addressing these questions through some kind of narrative painting which I understand is a quite strange thing to do... my life project i guess. I have one more show before I leave Rutgers, which will be in New York in April, that I知 trying to plan a new work for.

anyway, I値l talk to you soon!




In order of appearance in THE SCRIPT:

1. FREEDOM CANNOT BE SIMULATED sign by Rirkrit Tiravanija
2. ANCIENT EVENINGS workshop with Ariana Reines
3. Raque Ford attended by masked manicurist
4. CA Conrad with quartzes, oils, and pine boughs
5. Pati Hertling delivering 撤aris Was a Woman
6. Berthe Cleyrergue and Natalie Barney
7. Marlous Borm with Pasta
8. Shirtless dancers
9. Jeannine Han with Dress Form
10. Stephen Boyer in Pink Boots
11. White lilies
12. Rachel Malin posing for friends
13. Joie de Vivre and Life Drawing of Police
14. Fruit and Vegetable Stand
15. Emma Hedditch and Elizabeth Orr
16. Lee Relvas
17. Nudist Picnic in Grunnewald with Wild Boars and Cell Phone