Dinner at the Prince's Zoo. 2013. Silkscreen, edition of 20.
Picture Clocks. Four subjects and a Centerfold. Album of monotypes, edition of 8.
First Rate Second Hand. Annual wall calendar with Carmelle Safdie. Available at Printed Matter.
Masters Thesis. 2013.
Poems with Juan Wauters. 2012. Xerox, unlimited edition.
Police and Nudes. 2011. Xerox, unlimited edition. Available at Printed Matter.
Speeding Down the Spiral. 2012. Text by Deborah Goodman Davis.
My Marriage A-Z. 2011. Text by Elinor Nauen.
Color: A New Novel. 2008. Letterpress, edition of 20.
Like to Get to Know You Well. 2008. Offset, out of print.